The aim of MAPECE is enable children attain development to their full potential by promoting quality early child care and education through advocating for proper education, training and professionalism of childcare providers and preschool teachers.

The following objectives have been formulated to achieve this aim:
1) To recognize and upgrade the professionalism of early childhood educators through accepting only qualified and professionally trained early childhood educators as members of the Association.

2) To advocate for quality early childhood education and care through publications, workshops, seminars and conferences.

3) To advise parents and community on quality childhood education and the role of early childhood educators in child development through publication.

4) To act as a catalyst and coordinating body for parents, members of Association, government, non-government agencies and early childhood educators to communicate with each other, discuss issues pertaining to children’s development, care and education, and work with each other for the promotion of quality child care and education through hosting public forums.

5) To encourage and support research related to the development of early childhood education through publishing research findings and assisting researchers, teachers and students in early childhood education to source for funds.

6) To raise funds by way of donation from the public, sponsorship, grant, endowment and any other lawful methods subject to prior approval of Registrar of Society and other relevant authorities.

To achieve the objectives of MAPECE, the following Committees have been formed:
•  Professional Training Committee
•  Public Relation Committee
•  Publication Committee
•  Research Committee
•  Membership Committee

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