Mapece 2014 Science workshop

A workshop on La main à la pate – An Early Science Program for Young Children at Perdana Room, The Lake Club, Taman Perdana, Off Jalan Parliament, 50480 Kuala Lumpur 

La main à la pate is an Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) program known globally for preschools children right up to secondary schools. La main à la pate in French means ‘hands-on’. From its inception in 1996, the national La main à la pâ te French program for inquiry-based science education, coordinated by the French Academy of sciences with the support of the National Institute for Pedagogical Research and the É cole normale supé rieure (Paris), in partnership with the Ministry of education France, has flourished and expanded to have partnership with many countries such as China, Phillipines, Argentina, US etc. La main à la pate believes in children must truly understand what they are learning and growing understanding of ideas and concepts is more important than simply learn to repeat content and information. In this two hours’ workshop, philosophies of La main à la pate will be explored and interesting and mind stimulating  hands-on activities will be conducted.

This Workshop will be conducted by Datin Dr. Ng Soo Boon 

Dr. Ng Soo Boon is currently the Head of the Science and Mathematics Sector, Curriculum Development Center in the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. She has been involved in Early Childhood Care and Education since 2005. During her career she has been a teacher, a researcher, and curriculum developer, trainer of Early Childhood as well as Science and Mathematics teachers and professionals. She has achieved and retains a wealth of expertise in all these fields both locally and internationally. Dr Ng has conducted many workshops and prepared modules for Inquiry Based Science Education for preschool, primary and secondary schools. She has attended a series of La main à la pate workshop both in Kuala Lumpur as well as Paris.

The workshop is free for MAPECE members, non-members will be charged a nominal fee of RM30.00.