We extend a warm welcome to Penang, Malaysia and MAPECE International Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education 2020 (MAPECE ICECCE 2020)

Our conference theme – Nurturing and developing the early STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Aesthetics, Mathematics) competence in young children.

Our conference programme provides opportunities for those involved with early childhood care and education all the places to come together and engage with pedagogy, practices, methodologies and research that supports the work for children, families and the early childhood profession. The programme includes outstanding keynote speakers, sharing findings of research, workshops, sharing of best practices and school visits.

Aims of the conference is to provide a platform for discussion and deliberating on integrating STREAM into early childhood care and education (ECCE)

1. Deliberating on integrating STREAM into ECCE curriculum and program.
2. Discussion on various methodologies/pedagogies to nurture and equip young children with early STREAM competence.
3. Providing input to practitioners on activities relating to STREAM
4. Sharing of research findings or methodologies in ECCE related to STREAM.
5. Bringing together professional educators in early childhood to discuss on STREAM activities

Conference pogramme (will be updated on website soon):
1. Keynote speakers
2. Forum (Local and National Speakers)
3. Paper presentations
4. Workshops
5. Sharing of best practices
6. School Visits (30 participants-first come first serve basic-Pre Conference)

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