Logo Information

Description of the Logo


The logo is designed to reflect that the child should be focus in any planning and provision for the young child’s development and education, and to depict that this can be achieved if parents, the government, early childhood educators and society are willing to work together for the well-being of the young child.
The logo, seen from the top view, comprises four adults holding hands to surround and protect two children in the centre.
Meaning of the Logo
The two children in the centre indicate that children are the focal interest of the Association.
The four adults surrounding the children show early childhood educators, parents, society/community and the government working hand-in-hand for children’s well- being.
The colours of the logo:
a) White signifies children’s innocence and ignorance
b) Pink denotes the warmth of the major players in the child’s environment, namely, early childhood educators, parents, society/community and the government.
c) Blue symbolizes harmony and love.